This project was a 39,000 sf existing building retrofit that required coordination with the owner, engineer, and Brycon Construction to get it operational. The purpose of this business is to sterilize used hospital hazardous material for disposal of many pieces of equipment such as large autoclaves, washers, compressors, conveyors, exhaust fans etc. For this process, large electrical connections are needed to operate the equipment.

  • Owner: First Industrial IP
  • Architect: NV5
  • General Contractor: Brycon Construction

“Working alongside these large autoclaves, mechanisms, and equipment peaked everyone’s interest from how they ran to how they were installed to how we were wiring them up. Everything needed for this place to be running and functional is amazing. Even being a 39000 sq. foot building – you wouldn’t guess it from the inside with the huge equipment needed to sterilize everything safely for disposal – there were many difficult spots we had to get into but it’s not fun without a little challenge”

– Stericycle