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As in any industry, the construction industry will not grow and expand without the influx of young workers who are interested in and dedicated to the field. JFK is actively involved in many education programs designed not only to improve the reputation and quality of construction but to draw young people into our ranks. JFK reimburses all employees for job-related skills classes.

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Diversity at JFK Electric

We value the diversity of our employees and the unique perspectives they bring to the JFK Electric Team. Diversity at JFK not only includes age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, and ethnicity but also jobs and functional roles within the company, the markets and clients we serve, our geographical locations, educational background and whether one joined JFK independently or through an acquisition or outsourcing arrangement. By valuing these differences, we demonstrate our commitment to treating everyone with fairness and respect.

Job Openings

Electrician Foremen supervise personnel completing electrical building projects. Typical duties listed on an Electrical Foreman resume include assigning tasks, inspecting electricians’ work, monitoring team performance, reading blueprints, making sure quality standards are respected, and handling customer relations.

Electrician Journeyman is under general supervision, performs the full range of journeyman level electrician duties in the installation, maintenance, and repair of wiring, equipment, and appliances. This work excludes the installation of power transmission lines. Reads schematics and specifications related to various electrical installations.

Electrician Apprentices support electricians in the maintenance, operation, and repair of electrical systems. They assist with and perform installation and maintenance tasks to ensure the effective operation of various electrical equipment.

Special Project Service Technicians perform the full range of journeyman level electrician duties in the installation, maintenance, and repair of wiring, equipment, and appliances. Reads schematics and specifications related to various electrical installations. including, additional control work experience is required in HVAC, BAS, fire alarm, and the ability to direct small crews for larger projects or long-duration projects.

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Medical, Dental & Vision

JFK offers a variety of benefit options including a plan with very minimal cost.

Accredited Apprentice Program

JFK participates in a merit shop Apprenticeship Program in conjunction with the Arizona Builders Alliance.  To learn more about the program and obtain an application visit:

Life Insurance

The families of our employees are just as important -we want to protect what the employees love most, primarily their family and loved ones. JFK has established a life insurance policy for all employees which is no cost to them.

Educational Reimbursement

JFK is consistently investing in continuing education for its employees - training can help employees understand how their work fits into their company's structure, mission, goals, and achievements. With this result, JFK employees become more motivated and excited about their work as they understand how what they do matters to the success of the organization.

Vacation & Paid Holidays

We know how hard employees work and we recognize the importance of providing time for rest and relaxation.  We fully encourage employees to get this rest by taking vacation time. Vacations and Holidays are one of our PTO benefits offered.

Profit Sharing

Eligible employees can participate in the Company's 401K retirement plan. Plan participants may make pre-tax contributions to a retirement account.

401K Plan

Each year JFK reviews its options to determine an employer match contribution.

Training & Education

Employees are encouraged to further their education with JFK’s sponsorship program for qualifying classes. JFK supports education and training through an Electrical Apprenticeship Program through the Arizona Builders’ Alliance (ABA) and Gateway Community College, East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT), AZ Skills USA, and the Arizona Partnership for Construction Careers.

What advice would you give to others who are considering a craft as a career?

“Traditional education promises nothing but student loan debt. A trade where your employer will gift you a skill that can never be taken from you is priceless. You will become forever valuable anywhere you go.”

Ryan P.  Phoenix Chapter ABA/AGC
2019 Craft Competition