Located at the north end of Kiwanis Park, this splashpad is one of Tempe’s largest splash play amenities. This project included the addition of a new integrally colored 5,380 sf water splash playground and sidewalks, new shade structure, masonry seat and retaining walls, masonry equipment yard enclosure, 2,000-gallon surge tank, site utilities and electrical lighting and power.

  • Owner: City of Tempe – Engineering
  • Architect: Dig Studio
  • General Contractor: Foresite Design + Construction
  • Photo Credit: City of Tempe

“John and his team at JFK electric provided detailed budget analysis early in the project. Things change like they always do but JFK was able to provide solutions that held both the budget and schedule for division 16. This included a Light fixture that is hanging on the main atrium of our client’s property. Did I mention this campus was occupied at the time? This fixture came from Italy in multiple boxes and not only needed to be assembled in place but also needed to be done right the first time. There was no going to the hardware store to get a replacement part. Not sure how much it weighed but it was close to 15’ tall and 8’ wide not to mention cost as much as a brand-new Lexus. I think the foreman for JFK did not sleep for two days working on that fixture. The guys in the field were professional and safety-first culture which is what we look for in a quality sub-contractor.”